Wedding musicians, party bands and corporate event favourites for hire

Welcome to Showbott Entertainment’s incredible choice of musicians, entertainers and bands for hire. Here you can find the full list of artists we have available to book.

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West Yorkshire

Bring the festival to you and hire this modern Yorkshire-based Rock and Indie band for weddings, cor...

From £1400

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West Yorkshire

Foot-stomping acoustic Folk-Pop band playing a festival headlining set....

From £1500

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West Yorkshire

Quality function band available for hire, playing Rock, Pop and Motown music. ...

From £1200

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West Yorkshire

Talented Jazz wedding band playing Pop, Rock and Motown songs with a vintage Jazzy twist....

From £1600

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West Yorkshire

Leeds-based Soul, RnB and Pop 6 piece wedding band available to book for your special event...

From £1290

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West Yorkshire

Yorkshire party band available for hire at weddings and corporate events across the UK. ...

From £1375

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West Yorkshire

Cost-effective Pop Covers Band for hire, perfect for wedding receptions and Corporate Events across ...

From £1550

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West Midlands

Polished 5-8-Piece West Midlands Party perfect for Corporate Party and boutique Weddings....

From £1650

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Popular award-winning party Corporate party band from Yorkshire and available across the UK ...

From £2514

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Greater Manchester

Unique, Dynamic & versatile function band who will brilliantly perform any style of music you ch...

From £1250

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Greater London

Top quality London Party Band available for hire at events across the UK ...

From £1250

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North Yorkshire

Jazz, Pop and Ska are on offer from this Unique Wedding Band; and Yorkshire's finest party Brass Ban...

From £700

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More about showbott ALL ARTISTS

Welcome to Showbott Entertainment’s incredible choice of musicians, entertainers and bands for hire. Here you can find the full list of artists we have available to book. Whether you’re looking to book Pop & Rock party bands or hire a wedding musician for your special day, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. If you’re looking for a Funk and Soul band for your corporate event, a Classical musician for your charity fundraiser, a top DJ for your big party or tribute act for a festival; you’re in the right place.

Enrich your wedding or corporate event with the enchanting allure of live music, courtesy of Showbott Entertainment’s distinguished line up of skilled musicians, bands, and DJs. Elevate the ambiance and leave a lasting impression on your guests with our exceptional musical talent and professional service.


The “All Artists” category on the Showbott Entertainment website showcases an impressive array of talented musicians, bands, and DJs, offering a comprehensive selection that sets it apart from other categories. This category encompasses an assortment of artists and performers with diverse musical styles, ensuring that customers can find the perfect match for their unique event.

Within the “All Artists” category, customers have the opportunity to hire live musicians, bands, and DJs, each bringing their own distinctive flair to the stage. From soul-stirring solo performers to dynamic bands that ignite the dance floor, and from skilled DJs who curate unforgettable playlists to mesmerising live music acts that resonate with the audience, the options are both varied and exceptional.

Choosing a live musician, band, or DJ for an event adds an unparalleled element of excitement and interactivity. Unlike pre-recorded playlists, live performers infuse each moment with an authentic energy that captivates the crowd and creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Whether it’s the emotive chords of a live violinist for an intimate wedding ceremony or the infectious rhythms of a live band for a corporate gala, hiring live talent elevates the event to new heights of sophistication and entertainment.

Moreover, live musicians, bands, and DJs possess the remarkable ability to adapt to the vibe of the event, read the audience, and make real-time adjustments to ensure an engaging experience for everyone present. Their improvisational skills and personal touch foster a strong connection with guests, leaving a lasting impression that lingers in their memories long after the event concludes.

Booking live music for your wedding, corporate event, or party through an entertainment agency offers an array of key benefits that elevate the entire experience, ensuring lasting memories and heightened enjoyment for all attendees. Clients can expect the following advantages and exceptional value from choosing live music:

Unparalleled Atmosphere: Live music injects a unique and vibrant atmosphere into any event. The energy and passion exuded by live musicians, bands, or DJs create an engaging ambiance that captivates guests and encourages them to immerse themselves fully in the celebration.

Tailored Entertainment: Entertainment agencies offer a diverse roster of talented artists, allowing clients to find the perfect match for their event’s theme and tone. Whether it’s a romantic string quartet for a wedding ceremony, an upbeat band for a corporate gala, or a lively DJ for a party, the entertainment can be tailored to suit the occasion precisely.

Memorable Experiences: Live music leaves a lasting impact on guests, making the event truly memorable. The emotive performances and live interactions between performers and the audience create unforgettable moments that resonate with attendees long after the event is over.

Professional Expertise: Entertainment agencies curate their artists based on talent, experience, and professionalism. Clients can rest assured that the musicians, bands, and DJs provided will be highly skilled, reliable, and adept at accommodating special requests and adapting to the event’s dynamics.

Seamless Planning: Booking through an entertainment agency streamlines the process, saving clients time and effort. The agency’s experienced team handles all logistics, from coordinating performance schedules to managing equipment setup, allowing clients to focus on other aspects of their event.

Flexibility and Variety: Whether clients seek a specific genre of music, a custom playlist, or a combination of live acts, entertainment agencies offer a wide range of options to suit diverse preferences and event sizes.

Audience Engagement: Live performances encourage audience participation and interaction, creating a sense of unity among guests and fostering a lively, dynamic atmosphere throughout the event.

Personal Touch: Live musicians and performers can personalize their acts to include the couple’s favourite songs, corporate branding, or special dedications, making the event feel uniquely tailored and intimate.

Elevated Entertainment Value: Live music brings an element of excitement and unpredictability that enhances the overall entertainment value. The energy of live performances encourages dancing, singing along, and active engagement, ensuring a fun-filled time for all.

In summary, booking live music through an entertainment agency for your wedding, corporate event, or party guarantees an exceptional experience that is tailored to your preferences and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. With the professionalism and expertise of the agency’s musicians, bands, and DJs, you can expect seamless planning, personalised performances, and an atmosphere that elevates the celebration to new heights of entertainment and enjoyment.

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Discover an unparalleled selection of live musicians, bands for hire, and DJs for events at Showbott Entertainment. Our versatile performers and skilled artists offer an extraordinary range of musical experiences, from solo musicians perfect for intimate gatherings to wedding musicians and corporate event bands that set the stage alight. For those seeking the ultimate party atmosphere, our party DJs curate customisable playlists that keep the dance floor packed all night long. Immerse yourself in the mesmerising melodies of jazz ensembles or the timeless elegance of classical performers. If you crave the electrifying energy of rock bands, pop artists, or indie rock groups, we’ve got you covered. Delight in acoustic sets that create an intimate ambiance or get your groove on with funk and soul bands, reggae bands, or swing bands. Our diverse musical styles also include country music acts, R&B vocalists, and top 40 cover bands. From blues musicians to folk artists, and even tribute bands for hire, our top-rated live acts guarantee engaging live shows and high-energy music sets that create memorable event experiences. With adaptable performers and personalised event entertainment, our experienced event artists are professional entertainers who cater to your every musical desire. Choose Showbott Entertainment for a dynamic talent selection that ensures an interactive and unforgettable event.

Many of our bands and ensembles have multiple booking options including daytime sets, additional musicians or DJ packages. We’ve even got a choice of specialist entertainers such as magicians, acrobatic acts and super hero hire! Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us about our bespoke musician service and find the perfect entertainment for your next event!

Whilst Showbott Entertainment is an Entertainment Agency based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have Wedding Favourites to hire from all over the United Kingdom. Use our handy location filters to find singers for hire near you. What’s more, all our acts are willing to travel far and wide for gigs, so don’t worry if they’re based in another part of the country – it’s still worth enquiring!

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your event with the finest live entertainment! Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or party, our All Artists category at Showbott Entertainment offers a diverse selection of skilled musicians, bands, and DJs to suit every occasion. Create lasting memories and a mesmerising atmosphere with our top-rated live acts. Take action now and book an artist that perfectly complements your event! Head over to our booking page or fill out our contact form to secure your preferred performer today. Let us transform your event into an unforgettable experience with Showbott Entertainment!