Getting married is a wonderful time in the lives of a couple. But with all the happiness such an important day can bring, every wedding brings a succession of big decisions and considerations in preparation for the event.

Booking the right entertainment is a key component of this decision making – as it could make or break the atmosphere of your special day. Whilst the music you choose has to fully comply with your own taste, it’s worth thinking about those on your guest list too. Ask yourself some of the following questions when considering who’s coming to your wedding: Have I mainly invited an older or younger demographic? Will there be children present? Is there an era of music that most guests would prefer? Do my guests share the same taste in music as me? Will the Death Metal band I really want suit the little country pub I’ve booked – that kind of thing…

Joking aside, it’s definitely worth considering the type of venue you’ve booked when choosing your entertainment. If you’ve yet to find the right place, remember to keep the following questions in mind when you’re looking around your shortlist of venues: Is there sufficient space to host a band? Is there suitable access to load equipment in? Is there a sound-limiter to contend with? Is there an early curfew on live music? Is there sufficient access to power? If you’ve already booked your venue, have you discussed their music policy with them? Do they provide their own DJ or sound engineer? Once you’ve got these answers, you’ll have a much better idea of whether your ideal act is suitable.

You also need to consider whether you want music throughout the day or just at the evening celebration. Showbott Entertainment offers a wide variety of acts that could contribute to several aspects of the day, so try to imagine each aspect of the day’s proceedings. Perhaps you’d like to walk down the aisle to the sound of a string quartet or classical singer? Maybe you’d like an acoustic duo to serenade your guests through their outdoor drinks reception, or a cocktail pianist to play some smooth jazz in the marquee through dinner? Maybe a classical guitarist would be perfect whilst you sign the registers in the church, or maybe you’d like to book some ‘specialist’ entertainment to make your day just that little bit more unique? Whatever you’re after, it’s worth remembering that Showbott is your one-stop-shop for live music entertainment and we’re happy to give advice and recommendations if you’re not sure of what you want.

Finally, consider your budget and use it as a starting point when you search through our artists. Remember that most acts have a variety of booking options, so the price you see on screen can vary depending on the size of the group you choose or length of time you’d like them to play for. With this in mind, don’t dismiss an act immediately if you think they’re too expensive – because there are usually things that can be done to try and accommodate your budget.

Finally, be confident in your choice. Everyone has different taste in music – and you’ll never be able to please everyone, so make sure that once you commit to booking one of our acts that you’re totally satisfied you’ve made the right decision! If you are still a little unsure, give us a call and discuss your queries with us – we’re experienced in assisting with these kinds of decisions to make sure you get the right act for your big day!