Get the sound of a full band from one person when hiring one of our looping musicians.



Greater Manchester

Create the perfect backdrop to your Asian event by hiring a top Sitar player hire!...

From £300.00

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West Yorkshire

Classical and Pop electric violinist from Leeds ideal for wedding ceremony music and receptions. Sol...

From £349

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South Yorkshire

Yorkshire based acoustic musician for hire with live looping and incredible song list...

From £350

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East Sussex

Acoustic musician for hire from London offering a wide range of Soul and Pop music...

From £450

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West Yorkshire

Soulful and unique covers with a wide ranging repertoire...

From £450

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More about showbott LOOPING MUSICIANS

Hiring one of our live looping artists is a sure fire way to impress your guests. Using recording and playback technology in real time, our looping musicians are like a one-man (or one-woman) band! Skilled in layering up songs with their dedicated hardware devices, our talented loop-based musicians can build up tracks with loop pedals or laptops.

It’s the ideal solution for those looking for that full band sound, but with limited space or budget. Let our musicians take care of the drums with beatboxing, bass with pitched guitar and chords with live vocal harmonisation. When booking one of our looping musicians, you’ll be mesmerised with what you see and hear!